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Low Calorie Recipe Concepts for Vegetarians - Food

It can be difficult to eat a balanced diet regime as a vegetarian, specially if you need to have to watch your calorie intake but do not want to have to eat salad every single day. Vegetarians who need to have to eat out on a regular basis have a lot of complications too, given that various restaurants seem to think that vegetarians eat absolutely nothing but salad and fish. A vegetarian diet regime can actually be rather healthy and varied" there are lots of tasty vegetable recipes that are healthy, exciting, and low in fat.

Delicious Green Bean Casserole

Casseroles are a preferred at various celebrations. Green Bean Casserole is a perfect vegetarian recipe, and is low in calories too.

Make rue with two tablespoons of canola oil and two tablespoons of flour. To this rue add one fifteen ounce can of mushroom broth, enable this to cook down whisking consistently until thick.

Whilst the sauce thickens, add one and a half pounds of green beans, and one half cup of pearl onions" these could be fresh ones, or frozen ones, but if you use frozen ones, let them thaw prior to adding them to the casserole. Subsequent add a half cup of fresh sliced mushrooms. Cover the layers of vegetables with mushroom sauce, and bank at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.

The final step to total this low calorie and vegetarian recipe is to "French fry" the leeks. Leeks make a tasty and lower calorie alternative to "Frenches, French fried onions". To "French-fry" the leaks heat a couple inches of oil in a deep skillet and slice the leeks rather thin, fry them until crisp, enable them to drain thoroughly on a baking rack with paper toweling.

Sprinkle the fried leeks onto the baked casserole as a finishing touch, and serve up the casserole although it is nonetheless nice and hot.

Low Calorie Snacks for Vegetarians

Raw vegetables are a perfect, nutritious snack, and can actually support to increase your metabolism. If you do not like the idea of munching on a carrot as is, then why not make a property made dip to spice issues up a small.

For a nice low fat alternative to the dips you can come across at the supermarket, mix some salad dressing seasoning mix with some low fat plain yogurt" this adds a nice flavor, and is considerably healthier than utilizing full fat cream or mayonnaise.

If you come across the flavor a small lacking, modify out half the yogurt for low fat sour cream for a stronger flavor and a greater texture. You could also try making a fruit dip utilizing low fat whipped cream and flavored gelatin packets (the dry kind). Dip slices of fresh fruit in there, for a nice sweet treat.

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