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History The Naxon Utilities Corporation of Chicago created the Naxon Beanery All Objective Cooker The Rival Business purchased Naxon in 1970 and reintroduced it under the Crock Pot name in 1971 In 1974 Rival introduced removable stoneware inserts The brand now belongs to Sunbeam Products a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation While Crock Pot nevertheless dominates the market place in the USA citation required Hamilton Beach West Bend Housewares and other corporations have also introduced comparable slow cookers Design An oval slow cooker A slow cooker consists of a lidded round or oval cooking pot created of glazed ceramic or porcelain surrounded by a housing ordinarily metal containing a thermostatically controlled electric heating element The lid is normally transparent glass and is seated in a groove in the pot edge condensed vapour collect s in that groove and supplies a low pressure seal to the atmosphere Pressure inside a working crock pot is therefore properly at atmospheric pressure despite the water vapor generated inside the pot A crock pot therefore is substantially diverse from a pressure cooker and presents no danger of an abrupt maybe explosive pressure release The ceramic pot or a crock acts as each a cooking container and a heat reservoir Slow cookers come in a range of sizes from 500 ml 16 oz to 7 liters 7 4 quarts Due to the placement of heating components usually at the bottom and normally also partway up the sides there is ordinarily a minimum recommended liquid level to steer clear of uncontrolled nearby heating A great number of slow cookers have two or a great deal more temperature settings e g low medium high and from time to time a preserve warm setting A typical slow cooker is designed to heat food to 170F 77C on low to maybe 190 200F 88 93C on high A great number of recipes that involve sauce or liquid will reach the boiling point around the edges while food in the center remains gently cooked This is since slow cooker settings are based on wattage not temperature Some slow cookers sold in the US in the past a variety of decades did not modify temperature regardless of setting at all each and every setting brought the contents to full heat with the only difference in setting getting the duration of heating This might have been due to concerns about item liability from unsafe food holding temperatures citation required Operation Raw food and a liquid such as water wine stock but not oil without having water are placed in the slow cooker Some recipes call for pre heated liquid The cooker lid is place on and the cooker is switched on Cookers normally have high and low heat thermostat settings Some cookers automatically switch from cooking to warming keeping the temperature at 160F165F 71C74C after a fixed time or after the internal temperature of the food as d etermined by a probe reaches a offered goal The heating element heats the contents to a steady temperature in the 175F200F 79C93C range The contents are enclosed by the crock and the lid and attain an essentially constant temperature The vapor that is created at this temperature condenses on the lid and returns as liquid Some water soluble vitamins are leached into the liquid but largely remain in the broth The liquid transfers heat from the pot walls to its contents and also distributes flavours A lid have to be used to stop warm vapour from escaping taking heat with it generally quicker than it is replaced therefore cooling the contents maybe dangerously see disadvantages beneath Simple cookers which have only high med low or preserve warm settings have to be manually turned on and off This signifies the cook have to be present at the finish of the cooking time A great deal more advanced cookers have settings for high and low e g 4 hours high eight hours low which enables the cook to decide on a cooking time after which the cooker switches to preserve warm mode The most advanced cookers have computerised timing devices that allow the cook to programme the cooker to carry out multiple operations e g two hours high followed by two hours low followed by warm and to delay the start out of cooking but this is not recommended for raw meat Since they remain warm for a lengthy time slow cookers are a staple of potlucks and other social meals To cater to this use a great number of corporations now provide approaches of sealing the lid on in the course of transport commonly with elastic bands or clamps to stop the contents from spilling Recipes Recipes intended for other cooking approaches have to be modified for slow cookers Generally water have to be decreased as ordinary cooking at greater temperatures requires enough liquid to allow for evaporation whilst slow cookers stop vapor loss Some slow cookers are supplied with recipe booklets a great numbe r of slow cooker recipes are to be found in cookbooks and on the World-wide-web Some cookbooks offer recipes for producing total dishes in a slow cooker applying fewer than five ingredients while other individuals treat the slow cooker as a critical piece of culinary gear capable of generating gourmet meals With some knowledge timing and recipe adjustments can be successfully created for a great number of recipes not originally intended for these cookers The lengthy moist nature of the cooking strategy provides superb outcomes with low-cost and difficult cuts of meat If excessive liquid is present at the finish of cooking it can be lowered and concentrated by rapid boiling in a saucepan Positive aspects Some foods do not take nicely to boiling In specific less expensive cuts of meat with connective tissue and lean muscle fibre are appropriate for stewing and tastier than stews applying pricey cuts but if they are cooked for a brief time the connective tissue and challenging worked muscles will make them difficult and gristly while lengthy boiling will dissolve the connective tissue but the muscle will be dry and difficult Lengthy slow cooking simmering will soften the connective tissue without having toughening the muscle Boiling dissolves the connective tissue and enriches and thickens the cooking liquid slow cooking leaves the gelatinised tissue in the meat so that it might be advantageous to start out with a richer liquid Even with foods that do not suffer from boiling the temperature in a slow cooker is low enough to steer clear of badly overcooking food even if cooked for far longer than vital On the other hand accomplishment does rely to some extent on timing as in all cooking Meat will grow to be almost tasteless or raggy if overcooked The lengthy cooking time can be an advantage food can be set to slow cook just before leaving for a day s operate and will be ready on return an affordable timer can also be used if vital Cooking the meal in a single pot reduces washing up and the low cooking temperature and glazed pot make cleaning it especially very easy Disadvantages Vitamins and other trace nutrients are lost specifically from vegetables partially by enzyme action in the course of cooking When vegetables are cooked at greater temperatures these enzymes are rapidly denatured and have less time in which to act in the course of cooking Since slow cookers operate at temperatures nicely beneath boiling point and do not rapidly denature enzymes vegetables tend to shed trace nutrients Blanched vegetables getting been exposed to especially hot water have already had these enzymes rendered largely ineffective so a blanching or sauteing pre cook stage will leave a great deal more vitamins intact Green colors are retained superior when vegetables are cooked speedily as plant cells are less likely to shed acids citation required Raw kidney beans and some other beans include a toxin phytohaemagglutinin which is destro yed by boiling for at least ten minutes but not by the operating temperature of a slow cooker Raw beans have to be boiled prior to slow cooking to steer clear of poisoning canned beans do not call for this already getting been so treated Even a couple of beans can be toxic and beans can be as substantially as five occasions a great deal more toxic if cooked at 175F 80C than if eaten raw so sufficient pre boiling is crucial Circumstances of poisoning by slow cooked beans have been published in the UK poisoning has occurred in the USA but has not been formally reported Slow cookers do not offer enough heat to compensate for loss of moisture and heat due to frequent removal of the lid e g to add and get rid of food in perpetual stews pot au feu olla podrida Added ingredients have to be offered time to cook just before the food can be eaten If the food is permitted to cool beneath about 158F 70C and not reheated toxic bacterial growth is potential some toxins when present are no t destroyed by later heating Hazards Slow cookers are less unsafe than ovens or stove tops due to the lower temperatures and closed lids On the other hand they nevertheless include a variety of pounds kilograms of near boiling temperature food and liquid and like any such are capable of causing critical burns if spilled They are not invariably secure around young children and pets as a consequence In addition due to the fact they include heating components it is potential to cause a fire if slow cookers are misused For instance in slow cookers with two heating components a single heating element can be out of speak to with the liquid due to insufficient liquid or food and so cause nearby overheating maybe cracking the ceramic pot or melting or deforming a metal a single citation required See also Food portal Carry over cooking Cholent Haybox Low temperature cooking Sous vide Vacuum flask cooking References photograph at Crock Pot brand page Crock pot ca http www crock pot ca aboutus aspx Retrieved 2010 02 09 160 At what temperature does a Crock Pot cook on Low and High http answers yahoo com question index qid 20080109140202AAfyGME Retrieved 2009 07 07 160 Faq Answers Crock pot ca http www 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